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Later in 2023 CellularResonance.com will be launching Dr Doug’s Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing (CRQH) Level 1 teachings online.

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LEVEL 1 : Learn The Fundamentals of CRQH

You will discover how to access your body’s natural ability to heal and get unstuck from survival mode. True healing comes from within, not from outside things. And how to apply this to your patients, family and friends. We will explore past experiences that still affect you today. Things you may not be aware of that impact your health and happiness. And how to simply apply quantum physics principles of higher vibrational resonance heals lower. Through healing your mind, body and spirit, you can make big improvements in your symptoms and challenges. You may be surprised by what you find out and the results!

Level 1 – In this first step, you will learn:


✅ More than a dozen powerful ways to get a patient/client out of survival- stress mode and into an innate whole-being healing relaxation state.

✅ Reactive body-mind testing and powerful yet subtle subconscious communication skills.

✅ The essentials to balance and reboot the brain and sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system vital to all cellular healing

✅ Find the hidden suppressed subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions and energetic blockages at cause for each symptom, condition, or life issue.

✅ The foundations to resolve the often-hidden stress, trauma, and epigenetic and other lifetime trauma and karmic carryover causes.

✅ How to into the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual healing power to get clients/patients above and beyond results considered miraculous to many.

    A Message from Dr. Doug:

    “The path to profound healing and transformation is a continuous journey of learning and self-discovery. As you embark on this Level 1 training, you’re not just gaining knowledge, you’re stepping into a world of endless possibilities. I invite you to join me, to explore, to experience, and to evolve.”


    Experience the Difference of Quantum Healing


    Great Tools For Experienced Healthcare Professionals


    A Holistic Apprach To Client-Centered Care


    Effective Non-Invasive Technique


    Results Oriented Methodology


    Wellness Empowerment for Clients & Practitioners!

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