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Certificate of Cellular Resonance Level 1 completion

Embark on a profound journey towards mastering Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing with our two-tiered certification process. The Master Certification (Levels 1 to 4) lays the foundational groundwork, introducing you to the principles and science of CRQH, enabling you to harness cellular intelligence, and guiding you in assisting others on their self-healing adventures.

The Grand Master Certification takes you further into the depths of CRQH. Here, you’ll expand upon the foundational techniques, delve into advanced healing modalities, and start crafting your unique approach as a CRQH practitioner, enriched by personal insights and intuition.

The culmination of your Grand Master journey is a testament to mastery and finesse in the practice. During this phase, you’ll lead healing sessions, gain invaluable feedback, hone your abilities, grapple with the ethics of healing, and lay the blueprint for your own professional establishment.

Throughout both certifications, you’re enveloped in a nurturing environment, bolstered by peers and seasoned instructors. The path to becoming a CRQH practitioner is intense yet immensely rewarding, molding you into not just a healer, but a beacon of transformation and empowerment.

Join us on this journey, and let’s elevate the world’s healing consciousness together.

To start on your journey to certification, please make a booking on your first Level 1 training. Or, contact us for more information.

LEVEL 1 : Start Your Journey of Healing and Feeling Better

As you discover the foundational principles and practices of Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing, we will work on reducing stress, balancing your brain and nervous system and learn more about yourself.

You will discover how to access your body’s natural ability to heal and get unstuck from survival mode. True healing comes from within, not from outside things. And how to apply this to your patients, family and friends. We will explore past experiences that still affect you today. Things you may not be aware of that impact your health and happiness. And how to simply apply quantum physics principles of higher vibrational resonance heals lower. Through healing your mind, body and spirit, you can make big improvements in your symptoms and challenges. You may be surprised by what you find out and the results!

A powerful “Cellular Forgiveness” process that roots out hidden unforgiveness programs to free you and your patients from the past.

Level 1 – In this first step, you will learn:

✅ More than a dozen powerful ways to get a patient/client out of survival- stress mode and into an innate whole-being healing relaxation state.

✅ Reactive body-mind testing and powerful yet subtle subconscious communication skills.

✅ The essentials to balance and reboot the brain and sympathetic-parasympathetic nervous system vital to all cellular healing

✅ Find the hidden suppressed subconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions and energetic blockages at cause for each symptom, condition, or life issue.

✅ The foundations to resolve the often-hidden stress, trauma, and epigenetic and other lifetime trauma and karmic carryover causes.

✅ How to into the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual healing power to get clients/patients above and beyond results considered miraculous to many.

Prague 2023 Level 1 CRQH Workshop

LEVEL 2 : Cellular Resonance® Deep Diving

Continue your transformative journey of healing and empowerment as we delve into the realms of deeper mental-emotional cleansing, disentangling from others, and profound openings of the heart. You will access the deeper interference patterns of the ego-mind running you and your life, unlock the innate healing potential that resides within the body and soul.

By addressing generational traumas, core beliefs operating systems, energetic disturbances in the energy fields, you will unravel the underlying causes behind various symptoms, conditions, and life issues. Diving deeper into cellular, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, you will experience extraordinary results that may be considered miraculous by many.

The powerful of “Cellular Compassion” process and deeper Forgiveness to free you from the past and move up the scales open up to a higher love consciousness

In Level 2 you will learn how to :

✅ 24 additional ways to access the “priority stressors” necessary to get a person out of survival mode and into an innate whole-person healing state.

✅ Unleash the power of your authentic identity and embrace your true self to be unapologetically YOU, disentangled from the key others in your life.

✅ Unblock and embody your true power, purpose and mission.

✅ Unleash 7 powerful ways to reprocess the lower frequencies, feelings and unknown negative beliefs that deeply activate innate healing of symptoms.

✅ Intermediate principles to resolve the often-hidden stress, trauma, and epigenetic and other lifetime trauma and karmic carryover causes.

✅ Tap into the cellular, mental, emotional and spiritual healing power to get clients/patients above and beyond results considered miraculous to many.

LEVEL 3 : Healing Core Chief Wounds


Delve into the depths of emotional well-being, integrate the soul spirit with the personality-ego, and uncover the secrets to nurturing and treating individuals of all ages. From clearing core-wounds to advanced embodiment protocols, you will explore pathways to unification of body, mind, and soul-spirit, promoting spiritual acceleration and preventing self-sabotage. You will also venture into the realm of physical well-being, where energetic cranial-sacral balancing and cutting-edge solutions for extremity pain and range of motion take center stage.

Students in Level 3 will learn the art of :

✅ Finding and clearing specific Core-wounds.

✅ Advanced embodiment (of the soul spirit and more) protocols.

✅ Integrating the personality-ego and the soul spirit to prevent self- sabotage, create unification of body, mind and soul-spirit and spiritual acceleration.

✅ Treating babies, children and adolescents.

✅ Energetic cranial-sacral balancing.

✅ Advances in solving spinal and extremity pain and range of motion.

Dr Doug teaching in the Middle East

LEVEL 4 : Hormones & Neurotransmitters

Delve into the root causes of illness by identifying weak organ/gland/brain centers that disrupt the body’s overall functioning.
By differentiating between primary and secondary organ/gland weaknesses, you will gain a deeper understanding of the intricate web of bodily processes.
Additionally, you will delve into the realm of neuroplasticity and neurotransmitters, offering insights and strategies to enhance the brain’s adaptability and optimize the functioning of vital neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Students in Level 4 will learn how to :

✅ Find the weak organ/gland/brain center that is at the root of toppling the patient’s health

✅ Differentiate the primary and secondary organ/gland or brain weakness disturbing the entire body’s functioning

✅ How to reboot and clear the interference in the HPT axis, HPA axis, Gut-brain axix, heart-brain axis, and Vagus nerve

✅ How to improve neuroplasticity and neurotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine

✅ How to clear the wounded masculine and wounded feminine energetics that keep patients from achieving the embodiment of the divine masculine/feminine sacred union of self

✅ Secrets to tracing referred pain (95% of pain is referred, not coming from pain area) and why most doctors miss healing all types of pain syndromes.

✅ Find the causative brain/organ/gland weaknesses behind body shapes, stubborn weight and belly fat.

LEVEL 5 : Niche Practice Modules

Address specific areas of client dissatisfaction and develop an expertise that will allow your practice to rise above the rest.

Dive deep into niche fields – whether it’s a particular health condition, a unique demographic such as children or adolescents, or specific modalities like cranial-sacral balancing or extremity pain and range of motion, this level will provide you with advanced knowledge, techniques, and insights.

Level 5 students will identify which niche aligns best with their line of work, such as :

✅ Weight Loss and Belly Fat

✅ Male/Female Health conditions

✅ Pain & Chronic Pain Syndromes, such as Herniated discs, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, RSD, CRPS & RSV

✅ Access Deep Meditative States

✅ Insomnia and Sleeplessness

✅ Depression

✅ Nervousness, Anxiety and panic attacks

✅ Sports, Auto, Spine and Brain injury/conditions

✅ Allergies – cats, dogs, pollens, foods, chemical sensitivities, etc.

✅ Immune disorders

✅ Lyme

✅ Digestive disorders – IBS, Crones, Diverticulitis, Colitis

✅ Relationships: Healing Love, Sex, and Intimacy

✅ Healing Money, Success, and Abundance

✅ Sports and automobile injuries, residual injuries, rotator cuff, and frozen shoulder.

LEVEL 6 : Consciousness & Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing

The intersection of consciousness, cellular resonance, and quantum healing principles, this powerful modality delves into the depths of our being, addressing and clearing archetypal patterns that may be holding us back from our fullest potential. By uncovering and releasing the shadows within your personality, you can create space for profound healing and personal growth. Moreover, this approach focuses on embodying the gifts of the soul, allowing us to tap into our innate wisdom, creativity, and unique abilities. Forge a deeper connection between your heart and soul, and foster a profound sense of unity and harmony within yourself and the world around you.

Level 6 students will learn the art of :

✅ Clearing Archetypal patterns

✅ Acknowledging and integrating disowned or rejected aspects of self

✅ Clearing Personality Shadows

✅ Open to flow of universal love and wisdom within

✅ Embodying Soul Gifts

✅ Embodying Soul Purpose and Mission

✅ Deeper Heart and Soul Connections

✅ Connecting to the divine spark within and all beings

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