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Dr. Doug Lehrer’s Patient Testimonials

CRQH Level 1 Graduate Testimonials

“Dr. Doug is one of my top mentors in healing alongside Dr. Andrew Weil. I now have the confidence and power to help people beyond my wildest expectations… and connect more deeply to who I truly am.”

Dr. Ken Galera

Medical Doctor, Clinic of Dr Mercola

“Doug taught me more about how to heal patients than I learned from all other technique seminars combined. His Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing work is genius!”

Dr. Rob Gottesman


“Dr. Doug’s mentorship allowed me to make an additional $100,000 my first year practicing his brilliant Cellular Resonance Technique. I also healed my divorce and attracted a wonderful new husband with Dr. Doug’s healings.”

Tison Lui

Chinese medicine/healer

“The Level 1 CRQH workshop is beyond words. I would love everyone to know the work that Dr. Doug Lehrer does. He is extraordinary!”

Dr. Eva Luskačová

Medical Doctor & Dentist, Brno Czech Republic, DuoSmile.cz

“When I was a kid, Dr. Lehrer helped me heal many illnesses and emotional issues, even heal my scoliosis! I’m so excited to learn his Cellular Resonance Technique and bring it to the world”  

Rebecca Folsom

CPA, San Diego

“Unbelievable experience!  I went through a lot of personal growth. I was inspired to learn CRQH because Dr. Lehrer was the only doctor that could fix my knee so I can dance professionally again” 

Leslee Cotlow

San Francisco

“I was so excited to have found a teacher of this discipline who is of integrity and seems truly connected to Source.  The course itself was fun, interesting, and inspiring.  I was really fired up afterwards to be a practitioner and a health counselor, as I’ve been pursuing this type of work for years.  I’ve looked in to Accunect, Bodytalk,Touch for Health, acupressure, and have worked with Epstein and his technologies since 2010, and it seems like this CRQH technique is a comprehensive and effective merging of much of it that goes beyond each one.  Dr. Doug is charismatic and funny, and I thought his presentation and layout of notes was clear.  I am really excited to be a part of his mentorship program and learn much more.”

Avi Santanz

Pharm.D, San Francisco

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