Dr. Doug Lehrer’s Patient Testimonials

It is with great respect and admiration that I offer this professional testimonial for Dr. Doug. Since our paths crossed in 2011, one morning I opened my eyes and I couldn’t even get up to use the restroom. I had to be carried! Dr. Doug has been one of my miracles and my magic wand and now one of our best friends. Despite living a holistic and an extreme athletic lifestyle, I found myself in a dire state, unable to perform even the most basic tasks without assistance. It was through Dr. Doug’s innovative cellular resonance technique that I experienced a profound turnaround, regaining my strength and vitality without the need for medication within just three months—a journey I proudly shared in my award-winning bestseller.

Dr. Doug’s approach to healing transcends conventional boundaries, guiding patients to a realm of deep restoration that seems almost unfathomable until experienced firsthand. His extraordinary gift has not only touched my life but also that of my husband, inspiring me to become certified in his technique after years of personal benefit.

Beyond his professional expertise, Dr. Doug has become a cherished, authentic friend. His presence in this world is a gift, one that illuminates the path to wellness for all fortunate enough to encounter his work. To say that his technique is transformative would be an understatement—it is, quite simply, an essential experience for those seeking true healing.

Haleh Houshim

Author, USA

When I was a kid, Dr. Lehrer helped me heal many illnesses and emotional issues, even heal my scoliosis! I’m so excited to learn his Cellular Resonance Technique and bring it to the world

Rebecca Folsom

CPA, San Diego

Unbelievable experience!  I went through a lot of personal growth. I was inspired to learn CRQH because Dr. Lehrer was the only doctor that could fix my knee so I can dance professionally again

Leslee Cotlow

San Francisco

Due to work related injuries falling off a roof, I was searching for releif mentally and phsically. I had seen an orthopedic doctor after my injuries and was not impressed with his care. My hips were uneven and my mid-back pain was incredible, along with severe discomfort in my right hip. Dr. Lehrer immediately looked closely at these symptoms and took the proper steps to healing that I hadn’t experienced after my injury. I thought there was little hope for these symptoms but now my hip and back no longer bother me. I wish for others that this treatment will have the same positive effect.

Matthew Boyrie

Santa Rosa, CA

I originally began seeing Dr. Lehrer for relief of symptoms relating to a work injury and auto accident. My symptoms immediately began improving. What I didn’t expect was to be pregnant two months later after seeing Dr. Lehrer. I had been told by fertility specialists and gynecologists that it would be impossible for me to conceive. I had consulted over four doctors in four years. .When we received news of our miracle baby, we were thrilled and surprised! Whatever doubts I had about this as an effective healing technique have been eliminated. My body has never been in better health thanks to Dr. Lehrer.

Angela Lam Turpin

Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you so much for helping me though a most difficult time in my life. After being so badly injured in an auto accident, you gave me pain relief without drugs! I work in the ocean doing law enforcement for the state of California and at no time was I able to be under the influence of pain killers. I thank you for that gift. Every aspect of my life has been enhanced and improved during my treatments with you! Moreover, my family life is now wonderful and understanding.

Overton Greene

Petaluma, CA

My energy level has tripled…I drive up from San Francisco because Dr Doug is an intuitively skilled humanitarian who walks his talk and is quite clearly ahead of his time.

Dana Michel

San Francisco, CA

I had heavily scarred achilles tendons, after a week of treatment, I went for a walk and suddenly realized I had no pain. When I touched my heels I could not believe it, the scar tissue on the Achilles tendons was gone! And I still have trouble believing it. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning without pain! The benefits I contribute to Dr. Lehrer’s treatment: An overall sense of well being, and enthusiasm, much better sleep, and better ability to cope and handle every stress – a calmer state. Lately, I am always playful, I am excited about continuing working with Dr. Lehrer and getting healthier.

Kirsten Jaegar

Sonoma, CA

I had chronic fatigue, lymes, arthritic knee, and chronic soar throat. I no longer have anything! As an added benefit. I feel more at peace with myself… I have my life back! I was treated with much love and kindness and as an individual, not a number. I feel so grateful for being able to have a second chance… I continue to discover all that I can be.

Nancy Shea

Occidental, CA

As a Medical director working…in a multi-discipline medical clinic, I never cease to be amazed in this technique and the regaining of health – demonstrated daily by the patients I see coming out of Dr Lehrer’s clinic.

Dabney Brannon, M.D.

Little Rock, AR

I had limited motion and pain in my lower back and neck that caused a great stress in my job. With Dr. Lehrer I have had great results and have felt better than I ever have. My pain was eradicated immediately.

Kevin Bingham

Santa Rosa, CA

I had been suffering with headaches for two years. In March of 1996, I got a headache so bad I couldn’t even open my eyes or lift my head. I thought I was dying. During this time, my husband got incredible results for his back problems from Dr. Lehrer. So I went to challenge Dr. Lehrer, could he relieve the worst pain without drugs? Within a few short weeks my headaches were gone, never to return. Later, I got into an auto accident. I went to Dr. Lehrer, of course! The workers complimentary doctor was amazed at how fast I recovered. Dr Lehrer is the best anyone can do for their body, mind, and soul. If there was such a thing as a modern day miracle, Dr. Lehrer would be it. I highly, highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Terry St Martin

Ronert Park, CA

After the repercussions from Vietnam and several motorcycle accidents, one in which was clinically dead, and with the scars of a hard life, I started treatments with Dr. Lehrer. I had been to other doctors, psychics, holistic practitioners… some of these worked for a week or two but after that it was back to where I started or worse, which was intense pain. I lost faith that I would ever be whole again. My problems were physical, mental and emotional. In my first meeting with Dr. Lehrer I told him he wouldn’t want me as a patient… but he said that I was responsible for my healing and that really opened my eyes. After four weeks, the changes were everything I had hoped for and a lot more. The constant tension from the fight or flight response is gone and my face is noticeably less tense. What seemed utterly impossible six months ago, is now a reality. All I know is that life is now a miracle. Possibilities that I had not dreamed of because they were not in existence then, are now reality. I am ecstatic.

Jeff Ehlert

Santa Rose, CA

The main reason I came… was because of pain in my arms. Not only has my pain in my arms decreased, the frequent headaches I use to have are much less frequency and my lower back and neck rarely bother me at all.  When I do have pain, I know that relief is not far away. In some instances, I have been able believe the pain myself by realizing what was causing the pain such as a negative thought, fear, or a past experience  that I had never fully dealt with. With Dr. Lehrer’s help, I have made a lot of progress toward becoming a happier, healthier and more positive person. At first, I was skeptical that I would feel better by changing, my negative thoughts and by forgiving myself and those who affect my life. I now know they have an extremely important connection with the way the body reacts to the situations in one’s life. I would recommend Dr. Lehrer and his staff to anyone who would like to start living a happier, healthier life.

Jeanette Marble

Novato, CA

I was suffering severely from inability to assimilate and digest food…extremely fatigued, depressed and really had lost hope…After 2 1/2 months the improvement has been dramatic to say the least. I noticed changes even in the first week of treatments. My digestion is functioning and I’m feeling great and alive again! I cannot say enough about this work and how profoundly it is changing my life and how I view the world. It feels miraculous!

Kimberly Wagner

Berkeley, CA

Before seeing Dr. Lehrer I was feeling very spacey, nervous, anxious and was very difficult to get along with. I took anti-depressants for 9 years…when I decided not to take them any more, all of the above symptoms came back. After about a month of treatment I began feeling much better … I now feel wonderful…I would recommend his treatments to anyone.

Lisa Marcucci

Windsor, CA

I came to Dr. Lehrer with my two sons, Greg and Kyle. Emotionally, I was stressed out. My youngest wasn’t doing well in school and my oldest was held back because emotionally he couldn’t handle it. We had all gone to a counselor for help but the progress was slow and it was not working for my children. A friend had recommended Dr. Lehrer to me. This has been the best treatment and it started working right away. Within three months both behavior and attitude were great!

Charlene Cato

Santa Rosa, CA

CRQH Level 1 Graduate Testimonials

Dr. Doug is one of my top mentors in healing alongside Dr. Andrew Weil. I now have the confidence and power to help people beyond my wildest expectations… and connect more deeply to who I truly am.

Dr. Ken Galera

Medical Doctor, Clinic of Dr Mercola

Doug taught me more about how to heal patients than I learned from all other technique seminars combined. His Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing work is genius!

Dr. Rob Gottesman


First I must thank God for allowing me to see that feed from CRQH. I also thank God for Dr Doug Lehrer and CRQH and I thank myself for choosing the CRQH experience.

I attended the Level 1 Class in Orlando last weekend. Dr Doug is a very kind, loving, understanding and generous person that makes you feel welcome, loved and very special in his class. He quickly set you at ease with all his funny jokes.

His one-on-one sessions was great, it unearthed a lot of my underlying issues so we can work together to heal my mind, body, and soul.

I am moving on to the CRQH Level 2  in Orlando this October to learn more CRQH techniques for a healthier, happier and a more full-filling life.

Veola Alleyne


Dr. Doug’s mentorship allowed me to make an additional $100,000 my first year practicing his brilliant Cellular Resonance Technique. I also healed my divorce and attracted a wonderful new husband with Dr. Doug’s healings.

Tison Lui

Chinese medicine/healer

The Level 1 CRQH workshop is beyond words. I would love everyone to know the work that Dr. Doug Lehrer does. He is extraordinary!

Dr. Eva Luskačová

Medical Doctor & Dentist, Brno Czech Republic, DuoSmile.cz

For the last 10 years, I’ve been a yoga teacher and energy medicine practitioner. The last year I added into my practice cellular resonance quantum healing by Dr. Doug. I finished level two practice and I love the method. Cellular Resonance helped me to really find out the cause with my client or patient much quicker. I am less tired when I am working and using this method so I can take more clients. I enjoy it because I have results immediately and it really changed the whole way of me being into the service. The way how I’m thinking, the way how I, how I am connected and the way how me personally, I see the healing experiences with my clients and with myself.
Kateřina Love

Energy Medicine Healer, Prague

As far as how CRQH has helped my practice, I traditionally would start with food and nutrition and bio-resonance as the way that I would test people and it was working wonders. People were really making transformations and seeing a lot of results, but it wasn’t holding out long term for them.So, what I was finding is that because there was a deeper source (to the causes), there was issues going on internally. It was best to work on those emotional sides and I was doing affirmations and other things. But then when I learned the CRQH, I realized how much deeper I can go and help a lot of the people that I was working with. So I started doing a lot of deeper stuff in that aspect and really hitting on some emotional parts. And now I’m really starting to see that as we start to integrate the nutrition and the supplementation and also workout plans and stuff like that, people are more willing to do all that because, (and stick with it), because they’re mentally present and they’re physically present and their body is there and it’s opened up those blockages that they weren’t bringing forth, their full self, or they thought that they were doing something right. And yet, they were, kind of creating their own demise with their own mental thinking and the way they approach things. So CRQH was a great tool to add into my practice and I I’m loving it. Every bit of it.
Julianne Lechuga

Holistic Nutritionist

Dr. Lehrer teaches in a very clear, precise way at exactly the right pace, what I found from just CRQH Level One was a much deeper understanding of how we can access the subconscious mind to get to the reasons for illness or dis-ease in the body and I would say that the people who have come to me for this kind of treatment I’ve been very surprised at what has been a deeper level in their psyche that hasn’t served them.

I have found it wonderful to have the ability to reverse the way of thinking, transform the way of thinking, so that when they finish with a session, they feel much happier, much lighter, and ready for more. So, all I can say is, thank you Dr. Lehrer. I am so ready for more information in CRQH Level Two that comes about very early in the new year. Thank you.

Patricia Dymond

Holistic Therapist

Dr. Doug’s Level 1 Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing showcased a different type of healing than traditional medicine. It works on a more emotional, spiritual level through physical touch at level one, which is what I attended this this time, but there are several levels which you can achieve.

And from personal experience, I can say I see a shift in my way of thinking and the way I view life which is, Which is wonderful. I feel a big change and went through a transformation. I think Dr. Doug is a very positive and knowledgeable person. He listens to you well and replies to all of your questions or concerns you may have in a detailed and logical manner.

Elizabeth Pujate

Physiotherapist, Prague

I came to Level 1 because of a bit of curiosity and also I’m working on my personal spiritual development. So. I really learned something, what is, I consider it very useful. I’ve seen different methods, but this one I consider to be a very efficient way how to get really to the root cause of all the struggle people have, so yeah, it definitely was worth it.

I definitely feel some changes in myself. And I’ve also heard from my so called patients different changes. So wee all had a great experience. Well, I’m definitely going to apply it within my friends and family. I’m not a practitioner, so I don’t have regular clients coming to me for any kind of healing or things like that.

But I will definitely think about how to spread the word about CRQH, how to help to spread this method. Dr Doug is a great teacher. He knows a lot. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s a real kind of master. On the other hand, he, he’s just a normal guy spending time with us. I would definitely recommend him as a, as a teacher.

Zdenek Sluka

Entrepreneur, Prague

CRQH is a perfect fit into my practice. I’m very grateful and thankful that I am here at Level 1 training. Dr Doug’s an amazing teacher and healer and I so appreciate that I can be here to watch him live.

Tereza Graciasova

Physiotherapist & Craniosacral Therapist, Brno

I’m not a participant of the training, I’m a translator of the training. And when I first came in, I was quite suspicious and resistant because I thought it’s just one of the many techniques that offer instant miracles.

But as I’ve been sitting in Dr. Doug’s field for the last four days, and I could see it working on me and the resistance going lower, and I could see that it really works. I could see on the people how they are changing. I learned a lot just by observing.

Also, on the last day, I asked for a treatment myself from Dr Doug because I could really see that it works. I can feel much more life in my body. I feel more stable.

Dr. Doug in one word I would say he’s great. Very funny, very modest, humble and at the same time has immense knowledge and it’s incredible how he combined different techniques together to create one system that works.

Ika Fridrichová

Craniotherapist & Translator, Pardubice

I was so excited to have found a teacher of this discipline who is of integrity and seems truly connected to Source.  The course itself was fun, interesting, and inspiring.  I was really fired up afterwards to be a practitioner and a health counselor, as I’ve been pursuing this type of work for years.  I’ve looked in to Accunect, Bodytalk,Touch for Health, acupressure, and it seems like CRQH technique is a comprehensive and effective merging of much of it that goes beyond each one.  Dr. Doug is charismatic and funny, and I thought his presentation and layout of notes was clear.  I am really excited to be a part of his mentorship program and learn much more.

Avi Santanz

Pharm.D, San Francisco

I saw the video Dr Doug on YouTube cesty k sobě, the interview with Dr Doug. Dr Doug has changed my life, he found and cleared out my trauma which I carried the whole life, 30 years without realising how deep root it has. It was deeply cleared on the cells. Yes. He changed me and I am so grateful. Thank you, I am also very happy. Dr. Doug is a person full of energy, a person who is giving himself to others. Thank you.

Kamila Stindlova

Head of Montessori school. České Budějovice

Since CRQH level 1, I am getting more confident each day. It is the only place where I can be me and use my “psychic” talents. Didnt feel this much joy since forever. Plus, I love the procedure. And the results.

I met Dr. Doug in 2018, and since then, he treated me on several issues. Needless to say, he is my only doctor ever since and my life changed quickly and in a big way. I am on the journey of learning CRQH method and I can witness Dr. Doug’s commitment and care toward all his clients and students.

I am already having great success treating other people and spreading joy of healing as I’ve learnt from the best.

Danica Gomilanovic

Psychoanalyst and CRQH Practicioner. Novi Sad, Serbia

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