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Welcome to our dedicated practitioners’ section, a place where you can connect with dedicated and skilled professionals who are actively practising Cellular Resonance® Quantum Healing (CRQH).

Each CRQH practitioner listed here has immersed themselves in the techniques and principles of Dr Doug Lehrer, with a shared commitment to help individuals transform their lives. All practitioners here have completed at least two CRQH live trainings with Dr Doug Lehrer.

The goal of a CRQH practitioner is to resolve the stress induced causes of chronic pain and illnesses.

Here is what CRQH practitioners can address:

1. Chronic Pain: Fibromyalgia, herniated discs, sciatica, CRPS, TMJ, endometriosis, shingles

2. Mental Disorders: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks

3. Digestive Issues: IBS, acid reflux, SIBO

4. Autoimmune Diseases: Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto, 

5. Neurological Conditions: Migraines, neuropathy, MS, Parkinson’s, epilepsy

6. Emotional Traumas: Grief, loneliness, abuse, abandonment, betrayal, phobias

7. Sleep Disorders: Insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs, circadian rhythm

8. Hormonal Imbalances: Thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, sex hormones

9. Respiratory Problems: COPD, Asthma, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia

10. Cardiovascular Issues: Hypertension, arrhythmias, Afib, angina, myopathy, CAD, failure

11. Spinal conditions: Scoliosis, A.S., whiplash, stenosis, DJD, fractures

12. Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, vitiligo

13. Allergies & Addiction: Foods, chemical sensitivities, alcohol, environmental, drugs

14. Immune: UTI, viral, bacterial, mold, chronic inflammation

15. Sports Medicine: Injury recovery, performance enhancement, mental resilience, stamina, endurance boost

16. Relationships: Divorce, breakups, broken hearts, attract the right one

17. Spiritual: Aligned purpose, connection, love embodiment, heart opening, raising consciousness vibration 

18. Success & Prosperity: Money blocks, empowerment, self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, abundance mindset

Whether your goal is to overcome health challenges, improve relationships, or seek personal growth, our practitioners are here to guide and support you. We invite you to explore and connect with them as you embark on your own unique healing journey.

Dr Doug Lehrer. DC. Grand Master & Founder of CRQH. LA. Florida. Prague.

Dr Doug Lehrer. DC. Grand Master & Founder of CRQH. LA. Florida. Prague.

  • Soul Mission Embodiment
  • Pain & Chronic Pain Syndromes, such as Herniated discs, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, RSD, CRPS & RSV
  • Family sessions available
  • Elite Athlete Cellular Functionality
  • Insomnia and Sleeplessness
  • Depression
  • Chronic Illness
  • Injury

Available in Los Angeles & Prague, Czech Republic

Long distance sessions also available

Inquire for further possibilities.

Languages: English, Czech (with translator)

Kamila Štindlová. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Ceské Budějovice.

Kamila Štindlová. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Ceské Budějovice.

  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Trauma In The Family
  • Difficult Children
  • Aligned Parenting

Languages: English & Czech.

Elizabeth Pujate. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

Elizabeth Pujate. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

  • Movement and functional issues
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Pain
  • Addiction
  • Struggles with relationships (at work, home, finding love)
  • Confidence boost
  • Prosperity 
  • Insomnia
  • General wellbeing and alignment

Languages: English, Latvian, Czech, Russian

Marketa Kellerova. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Brno.

Marketa Kellerova. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Brno.

  • Vztahy
  • Psychická nevyrovnanost
  • Pohybové obtíže
  • Brno
Language: Czech.
Zuzka Prema. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Brno.

Zuzka Prema. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Brno.

  • Podpora zdraví a zdravého životního stylu
  • Duchovní rozvoj a vědomé bytí
  • Rozpuštění bolestí, strachů, závislostí aj. překážek na cestě ke šťastnému bytí
  • Témata od početí až po smrt.

Languages: English & Czech.

Tereza Graciasova. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Šumperk.

Tereza Graciasova. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Šumperk.

  • Pain & Chronic Pain Syndromes, such as Herniated discs, Sciatica
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Male & Female Health Conditions
  • Deeper Connection To The Self
  • Relationship & Family Trauma

Languages: English & Czech.

Stephen James. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

Stephen James. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

  • Soul Mission Embodiment
  • Divine Plan Alignments
  • Deeper Connection To Your Higher Self
  • Access Expanded Awareness
  • Relationship Problems
  • Attract The Right Partner
  • Heal Your Heart
  • Activate Your Soul

Language: English only.

Katerina Love. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

Katerina Love. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

  • Relationship & Family Trauma
  • Deep Cellular Cleansing
  • Access Deep Meditative States
  • Heart & Soul Healing
  • Depression
  • Soul Alignments & Soul Mission
  • Deeper Connection To The Self
  • Deep Feminine Wounds
  • Masculine/Feminine Balance

Languages: English & Czech.

Eliška Ehr. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

Eliška Ehr. Level 2 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

  • Anxiety relief
  • Depression relief
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Help with abuse related trauma
  • Help with hormonal imbalances
  • Help with connecting to feminine essence
  • Help with low self confidence

Languages: English & Czech.

Ruxandra Cristina. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

Ruxandra Cristina. Level 3 CRQH Practitioner. Prague.

  • Anxiety, depression

  • Abuse related trauma

  • Help with trauma after narcissistic abuse

  • Relationship difficulties and alignment

  • Confidence

  • Help with Feminine embodiment

  • Physical wellbeing

Languages: English, Romanian.

New CRQH Level 2 practitioner coming soon. Will it be you?

New CRQH Level 2 practitioner coming soon. Will it be you?

The Cellular Resonance®
Quantum Healing Difference

We pride ourselves on offering a healing technique that's in a class of its own. But how exactly is CRQH different to other methodologies? Discover a technique that doesn’t just heal — it transforms. Let’s dive into the specifics:

Dr Doug says, “In CRQH, our role isn’t to cure or heal directly. We work to find and to resolve the blockages between the mind, brain, and body, enabling the body’s natural self-healing capabilities. This approach has shown remarkable effectiveness for various conditions, supporting the body’s own healing journey.”

Is CRQH A Truly Quantum Approach?

While many modalities skim the surface, CRQH delves deeper, immersing itself in the very fabric of quantum physics to initiate transformative healing. At the quantum level, everything is interconnected, where a subtle shift can lead to profound changes. By accessing this interconnected web of energy and information, CRQH is able to address the underlying patterns and frequencies that often elude conventional methods. It’s not just about symptom relief; it’s about realigning the very energy matrices that constitute our being. This quantum dimension of healing allows for transformations that are both rapid and lasting, tapping into potentials that transcend the physical plane.

Can CRQH Help With Whole Brain Re-Polarization?

While traditional therapies might target isolated regions of the brain, CRQH champions a more comprehensive approach. Recognizing that every facet of the brain is intricately linked, CRQH facilitates a shift towards holistic brain functionality. This means not just enhancing cognitive processes or memory recall, but ensuring a harmonious synchronization between both hemispheres of the brain. As a result, individuals experience heightened intuition, sharper analytical abilities, and a balanced emotional response. Through CRQH, one doesn’t just tap into a part of the brain’s potential; they engage its full, magnificent capacity, promoting a state of integrated consciousness and elevated understanding.

What Is The Link Between CRQH & The Elevation of Consciousness?

CRQH is not a fleeting moment of enlightenment, but a lasting transformation of one’s consciousness state. While some modalities offer momentary glimpses into elevated consciousness, CRQH paves the way for enduring change. Through its systematic approach, it helps individuals anchor these heightened states of awareness, ensuring they become an integral part of their everyday experience. As the layers of limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions are peeled away, what remains is a sustained shift in consciousness. This isn’t just a temporary elevation; it’s a profound metamorphosis that resonates long after the session concludes, allowing individuals to engage with the world from a consistently elevated perspective.

Can CRQH Help With Negative Emotions?

CRQH is more than just a coping mechanism—it’s a transformative tool. While some techniques might teach you to momentarily sidestep or quieten negative emotions, CRQH addresses them head-on, offering a comprehensive pathway to truly release them. It’s a deep dive into emotional realms, allowing individuals to confront, understand, and ultimately dissolve fears and lingering emotional hindrances. Instead of merely pushing these emotions to the sidelines, CRQH ensures they’re entirely cleared, leaving behind a cleansed emotional landscape. This is the true essence of liberation—not just temporary relief but genuine, long-lasting emotional freedom.

Does CRQH Offer A Truly Holistic Approach To The Body, Mind, & Soul?

In the vast tapestry of our being, every thread matters, every note plays a role. CRQH doesn’t just focus on isolated elements of the self. Instead, it appreciates the complex interplay and deep connections between the body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit. It’s about understanding that for one to thrive, all must be in harmony. With CRQH, the aim isn’t just to heal or balance one part but to bring about a comprehensive alignment where every facet of our existence resonates in synchrony. This all-encompassing integration ensures that the essence of who we are is not just acknowledged but celebrated and nurtured.

Can CRQH Help With Relationships, Financial Strains, & Limiting Belief Systems?

Life presents us with a myriad of challenges, from physical discomforts and mental stumbling blocks to complexities in relationships, financial strains, and deep-seated beliefs that limit our potential. With CRQH, you have a universal tool at your disposal, designed to navigate and resolve these diverse challenges. Our method isn’t about patchwork solutions but understanding and addressing the interconnected nature of life’s issues. No matter the facet of your life that seeks healing or transformation, CRQH offers a holistic approach to bring about meaningful change.

Can CRQH Assist The Nervous System?

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and Central Nervous System (CNS) are fundamental pillars of our physiological response and overall health. However, modern life, with its myriad of stresses, often disrupts this delicate equilibrium. CRQH, in its profound wisdom, recognizes the intricate balance required between the ANS and CNS. More than just identifying imbalances, it works diligently to restore them to their natural harmony. This neurological equilibrium is not a luxury but a necessity, paving the way for optimal bodily function, mental clarity, and genuine well-being.

Can CRQH Help With Stress?

While many modalities might promote relaxation, CRQH takes it a step further by guiding you into deep cellular relaxation. This isn’t just about feeling calm or de-stressed; it’s about journeying into the profound depths of one’s being, where true healing initiates. At this level, cells rejuvenate, renew, and resonate with health. With CRQH, relaxation becomes a potent catalyst, activating the body’s innate power to heal itself from the very core.

Can CRQH Assist To Help Align You With Your Natural Healing Capabilities?

Every cell in your body possesses an inherent ability to heal, a design woven into our DNA by nature itself. Yet, over time, our modern lives, filled with stress and distractions, can overshadow this innate power. CRQH is designed to gently peel away these layers, reconnecting you to your body’s natural rhythms and healing capabilities. By working harmoniously with your body’s innate intelligence, CRQH not only promotes healing but realigns you with the way nature always intended for you to thrive.

Can CRQH Help Relieve Epigenetic Stress & Trauma?

You are not just a product of your genes but also the stories, traumas, and patterns inherited from generations past. These subtle influences, often operating below our conscious awareness, shape our health, habits, and worldviews. With CRQH, we venture deep into the tapestry of your existence, unraveling these inherited epigenetic patterns at the cellular, subconscious, and soul levels. By doing so, you are not merely addressing symptoms or surface challenges; you are rewriting your story, paving the way for newfound freedom and potential in every facet of your life.

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